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Wiking 001824

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Accessory pack – containers II

Now with “Messageries Maritimes”, “Clou” and “Interpool” – the WIKING container fleet receives welcome reinforcement. The accessory set contains two 20 ft. containers – in standard and open-top versions – plus a typical 40 ft. container. WIKING collectors clearly remember the brand chronology taken by a completely new logistics theme at the end of the 1960s: The first container trains with the 20 ft. and double-sized 40 ft. containers were miniaturised by WIKING and loaded onto semi-trailer combinations. From then on, and for many years, a natural consequence was the numerous industry orders, especially because WIKING aggressively marketed the vehicle models as “promotional gifts” for the customers of the time. The extensive selection of prototypes was to continue in the range well into the 1980s – a favourite collector’s theme had been created! In addition, even back then WIKING had an accessory set available; this is now being revived, and will thus extend the design variants for collectors. Containers from the early days of transatlantic shipping are being miniaturised in the style of old WIKING publicity campaigns.

40 ft. container with roof and doors in light grey. Sides printed in traffic red and black with “MM” logo and “Messageries Maritimes” lettering, as well as “SLTC” with identification number. 20 ft. open-top container with green walls and leaf green roof. Printed “CLOU” on sides in rapeseed yellow, plus identification number. 20 ft. standard container, signal blue with signal blue container doors. Printed white on the sides with Interpool logo and identification number.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q3/2020
Manufacturer price:14,99 €

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