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Noch 66806
Laser-Cut Decoration Set "In the Forest"

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Description & specifications

Enjoy the peace between dense trees!
The NOCH Laser-Cut Decoration Set In the Forest is ideal for lovingly recreating forest scenes that are true to the original. There's a lot going on in the forest! The forest animals such as deer, stags, wild boar, birds and rabbits seek shelter between the densely grown trees. Who knows what's lurking around the next corner... People go for a walk and try to let their thoughts run free. You can really switch off there in the midst of tall fir and spruce trees in nature.
The forester ensures that the trees are well cared for and that everything is in order. When the forest workers come, it will probably be loud in the otherwise quiet forest. Old trees must be felled to give the young plants enough space to grow. Even a forest needs good care.

Recreate realistic forest scenes on a model layout with the laser-cut decoration set In the forest and create a harmonious atmosphere.

1 x forest hut,
1 x hunter stand,
1 x Feeder
Manufacturer: Noch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q2/ 2022
Manufacturer price:23,99 €