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Noch 60762
tunnel entrance

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Description & specifications

Nature takes it back!
Finished model made of NOCH hard foam, hand-colored and refined!

It doesn't matter whether it's coal, ore, precious metals or even diamonds: as soon as humans discovered sufficient mineral resources, they set about mining them. But as soon as the mines are empty, he moves on and leaves nature to itself. And she immediately sets about reclaiming her territory! Lock and bolt or a stable iron gate won't help either: In the end, the scenery will be covered all over with a jungle again!

Nature always fascinates us. Especially when it takes back places that we humans have claimed for ourselves. So-called "Lost Places" have long since become an attraction. In these places we are left gaping in amazement, because us
becomes all too aware of how short-term our existence on the planet is. This power struggle between man and nature fascinates us and deep down inside we know that nature always wins in the end and will outlast us humans.

16.5 x 12.2 cm, 8.3 cm high, height of wire tree "Oak" 17 cm

Stole made of NOCH hard foam with neglected gate, old lorry and wire tree "oak"
Manufacturer: Noch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q4/ 2022
Manufacturer price:44,99 €