H0 1:87
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Faller 170825
Decorative panels

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Description & specifications

Decorative panels cobblestone.

With foamed FALLER decorative panels you can create realistic portals, arcades and masonry. All you need is a craft tool -
ser, a solvent-free glue and, if you like, brush and paint. Even curved walls can be designed. Use
Use decorative panels of thinner thickness or saw thicker panels with a band saw. The natural incidence of light is with FALLER
Decorative panels already taken into account. Note the color gradient of the stones from lighter (above) to darker shades (below).

370 × 200 × 2 mm (2x)
Manufacturer: Faller
Gauge: H0
Dimensions (LxWxH):370 x 200 x 2 mm
Package content:2 qm
Manufacturer price:8,99 €