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Busch 7589
Aqua Model Water

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Aqua Model Water

Tough viscous plastic liquid for easily creating realistic water (brooks, ponds etc.). Simple handling: Prepare the bed of the brook or pond (paint, perhaps adding some sand and arranging small stones and plants). Pour Busch Aqua into the brook or pond so that a thin Aqua layer develops. Busch Aqua dries transparent, automatically developing a wave structure on the surface. Pour several layers for deeper waters. For waterfalls, flow Busch Aqua on a piece of transparent plastic. After it dries, attach it to the appropriate place and camouflage the joints with liquid Busch Aqua. Busch Aqua is easy to use, provides a very natural-looking water surface, has a neutral odor, does not interact with other materials and does not develop heat while curing. Contents: 125 ml.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:6,99 €


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