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Busch 60100
Threshing machine »Lanz«

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Description & specifications

Threshing machine »Lanz«, epoch I.

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The model
The miniature corresponds to a model from 1911, a time when a fully automatic combine harvester was far from being thought of. Like its "big brother", the model, which is completely made of real wood, is lovingly detailed and has indicated drive wheels on the sides. These wheels were set in motion by means of long drive belts from steam engines or locomotives. Noteworthy is the special structure applied to each individual board and the various flaps with hinges. The wooden spoked wheels are also wafer-thin and super filigree - they can hardly be distinguished from the original. The very fine, red contrasting struts attached on both sides make the appearance of the threshing box really perfect. In order to achieve this perfection in the model, however, 59 individual parts (see illustration) are necessary. Some of them are so tiny that you can hardly imagine the painstaking craftsmanship involved in creating this perfect collector's item. An art and a very special skill that have made the Ore Mountains famous all over the world - quality workmanship made of wood "Made in Germany".

The miniature is packed in a showcase box with a black base and a transparent cover, so that the noble piece is protected from dust and unwanted contact.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: 1:43
Delivery Date:07/2016
Manufacturer price:129,00 €

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