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Noch 58676
Bridge Pier Viaduct Ravenna

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Description & specifications

Viaduct "Ravenna" Bridge Pier.

The Viaduct »Ravenna« in the Black Forest’s Höllental (Hell Valley) is surely one of the most impressive railway bridges. The original viaduct with nine arches and an arch span of 20 m was constructed between 1926 and 1928.

In order to extend the viaduct Ravenna and to make its assembly into the landscape easier, the Bridge Arch (ref. 58677) as well as the Bridge Pier (ref. 58676) are available individually. The entire bridge construction is made of Structure Hard Foam, which makes processing and adapting very easy: NOCH Structure Hard Foam is stable and nevertheless very lightweight. It can be shaped with a crafting knife, saw, file or sand paper.

Dimensions (L x W base area / support area): 6,3 x 5,7 cm / 5,4 x 4,9 cm; height: 22 cm

- Innovation 2017 -
Manufacturer: Noch
Gauge: H0
Dimensions (LxW):a: 6,3 x 5,7 cm
Dimensions (LxW):b: 5,4 x 4,9 cm
Height:22 cm
Vorbild (Land)Germany
Delivery Date:Q2/2017
Manufacturer price:23,99 €

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