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Viessmann 5172
Roller shutter with motorized drive unit

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Roller shutter with motorized drive unit

The roller door is delivered as a blue variant, but can be unbuilt by simply clicking to the red version.

Universally applicable for any model hall with sufficient height. The
roller shutter can be shortened below and fits very well to item-No.
39250 warehouse/industrial hall from kibri. It raises up and vehicles
can drive in and out. It can be easily backfitted. Controllable analogue
and digital.
Dimensions for wall cut-out:
B 49 x H 61 mm.
Internal mounting dimensions: B 60 x H 80 mm.
Producent: Viessmann
Nr artykułu:5172
Skala: H0
Data wydania:Neuheit, Liefertermin folgt
Cena u producenta:56,50 €


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