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Wiking 086337
Fire Department - TLF 16 (Magirus)

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Fire Brigade - TLF 16 (Magirus)
Year of Manufacture 1963-68

Thundering Eckhauber was the fire-fighter's darling

One could count on him - for decades the Magirus Eckhauber shaped many fire engines between Flensburg and Garmisch. WIKING continues the chronology of the Magirus fire protection vehicles with the tank fire truck TLF 16 of the years of construction 1963 to 1968. The Eckhauber brought the Ulmer vehicle makers the progressive objectivity in the program - the familiar round alligator hood from the 1950s had served after 1963. But not the remote, proven construction, which the fire engine manufacturers of Magirus took over without further ado and began almost unchanged on the modified chassis with its now also edged fenders until 1968. In that year, the era of the Feuerwehrhauber era near Magirus was coming to an end. At the IAA, the front handlebar generation was presented, which should henceforth shape the picture of the future quenching trains of the 1970s. The fire brigades, however, kept the loyalty to the still thundering Deutz diesel under the robust Eckhauber - individual vehicles with the striking trademark of the Ulm Minster on the radiator grille are still used in smaller weirs at least as a reserve or traditional vehicle. Cab with bonnet, grille, but also tank fire truck construction crimson. Round warning lights plugged in blue transparent, interior and steering wheel fawn brown. Towbars, outside mirrors and searchlights, but also chassis with gimbal and front and rear fenders black. Boxes and suction hoses black, cover plate and sill are silver. Ladder parts fawn, rims black. Searchlight with hand painted headlight surface. Grille with decorative moldings and Magirus logo silvered. Hood-side lettering Magirus Deutz and handles silvered, buckles black. Door handles and moldings silvered, side black.
Producent: Wiking
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Data wydania:08/2019
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