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Informacja w kontekście Dyrektywy WE o zabawkach 2009/48/WE:  Uwaga, nieprzystosowane dla dzieci poniżej 15 roku życia.

Woodland Scenics WA2132
Checker Players

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Checker Players

Two men sit at an old whiskey barrel with a checkerboard. One scratches his head, trying to decide on his next move, while the other waits. A man smokes a pipe and another observes the game, with his hands in his pockets. An old hound dog flops down to rest, his tongue hanging out.

Set contains 8 pieces. Colors may vary from actual product.
Producent: Woodland Scenics
Nr artykułu:WA2132
Skala: N
Cena u producenta:11,40 €

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