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Faller 130591
Brandshof Filling station

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Brandshof Filling station, Patinated model

Fifties architecture. Model with interior decoration, faithful reproduction of the »Brandshof« service station built in 1953 in Hamburg, comprised of the four functional areas: filling station with dispensing pumps, refueller’s office with sales and refreshment room as well as two annexed car workshops. The period features typical of the style of that ensemble classified as a historical monument are the white-tiled facade, the rounded glass fronts on the long sides, and a filigree flat roof supported by a mushroom column. Coloured vitrified tiles along the plinth of the building, the painted edge of the roof, and two-colour dispensing pumps add some patches of gaiety matching the white and red design of the »Gasolin« brand.
Producent: Faller
Nr artykułu:130591
Skala: H0
wymiary (długość / szerokość / wysokość)285 x 210 x 53
Data wydania:10/19
Cena u producenta:97,99 €

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