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Faller 170695
Patina-Set Pigments

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Patina-Set Pigments

Depending on the manufacture, plastic construction kit parts have minimal sheen, are typically spray-painted in a solid colour. The patina set allows for lifelike and selective signs of weathering and aging to be applied. Industrial facilities or ones located at steam engine depots are always significantly more soiled than a family home in the countryside or a well-kept townhouse.

The set contains 6 small bottles (each 10 g) of matte pigments (black, white, rust, moss, sand, verdigris) which can be applied directly or mixed in countless shades using the enclosed speciality brushes. Detailed instructions are included.

Ideal for patinating building models, bridge and steel constructions, railway material, as well as ship and military kits.
Producent: Faller
Nr artykułu:170695
Skala: Neutral
Data wydania:05/10
Cena u producenta:29,99 €


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