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Faller 190060
Radebusch Station Promotional-Set

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Radebusch Station Promotional-Set

Travel urge! Four-piece half-timbered station ensemble with covered waiting platforms and separate selling kiosk. The exposed masonry and ornamental boards of the passenger building, its annexe, add-on tower and independent goods shed have been given a pleasant white paint.
Contents: Station, Freight station, Newspaper stand, Covered platform
This building kit contains: 346 single parts in 10 colours, window parts, 3 paper masks, 1 decoration and 4 construction instructions.

Need Lighting/Electronics:
2 x 180670

Dimensions 1:
255 x 130 x 140 mm

Dimensions 2:
193 x 108 x 73 mm

Dimensions 3:
80 x 80 x 47 mm

Dimensions 4:
358 x 55 x 62 mm
Producent: Faller
Nr artykułu:190060
Skala: H0
Cena u producenta:37,99 €

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