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Faller 232199
Large Alpine farm

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Large Alpine farm with barn

Farm built in the Alpine style combining dwelling and barn area under a one-piece roof, partly rendered ground floor as well as wood facing in the upper storey and gables. Ornamental boards and purlins embellish the front featuring rustic wood balconies. A large masonry access allows to drive upwards to and through the second barn level. The shingles of the roof are weighted with stones to protect them from being blown off by the wind, floral paintings in fresco technique are a fine setting for the windows, and some benches all around the house invite to linger for a while.
Producent: Faller
Nr artykułu:232199
Skala: N
wymiary (długość / szerokość / wysokość)255 x 125 x 92
Data wydania:Q2/2018
Cena u producenta:37,99 €

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