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Informacja w kontekście Dyrektywy WE o zabawkach 2009/48/WE:  Uwaga, nieprzystosowane dla dzieci poniżej 15 roku życia.

Auhagen 11405

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This church provides a most attractive addition to our North German-Prussian series of models. Modelled on the village church in Alt Rehse, south of Neubrandenburg, which was built in 1889 and in which regular services are still held. The finely detailed tile brickwork is simple and yet striking, combined with the half-timbering and field stone. You can enhance the realism of the stone with a coat of matt paint. An extra part for experimenting is included, and the instructions contain detailed tips.
Producent: Auhagen
Nr artykułu:11405
Skala: H0
wymiary (długość / szerokość / wysokość)230 x 130 x 240
Cena u producenta:55,90 €