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Fleischmann 6476
Loco Roundhouse

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Loco Roundhouse (kit)

Suitable for use with the turntables 6052, 6152, 6154 and 6651. 3 loco stalls set at 7,5° angles with 8 opening doors.Outstandingly detailed plastic parts, loads of individual parts for individual decoration. The doors are operated by locos leaving and entering the shed. One set of doors is set at the rear of the shed to run straight through if desired.Several roundhouse kits can be set up alongside each other to make up a large shed.As a tip to modellers, the lighting unit 6459 can be fitted insdie.

For delivery out of EU the glue has to be removed!!
Producent: Fleischmann
Nr artykułu:6476
Skala: H0
Cena u producenta:117,90 €


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