Sistema di bonus

How does the MSL Bonus System work?

It is quite simple. As a registered customer you collect one point on a bonus account for every euro you spend on Each point is worth 0.03 euros, in other words a reduction of 3%.
When you login, your current point status and its respective value is displayed on the top right-hand side of the login window. You can either deduct this sum from the invoice immediately next time you purchase articles in our shop or you can go on collecting points until you have saved up a larger sum.

There are a few rules, however, that have to be observed:

1. The points are not credited until the goods are sent and are not displayed until then.

2. Only full euro amounts may be deducted.
Example: Your credit amounts to € 75.79. This means you can deduct € 75.00 from your current invoice. The remaining 79 cents stay on your account and are added to the bonus value the next time you make a purchase.

3. If your credit is higher than the actual value of the goods in your shopping cart, an amount is deducted from your credit that leaves a sum of € 10 euros in the shopping cart. The remaining credit stays on your bonus account.
Example: Your credit amounts to € 38.20, but the goods in your shopping cart amount to € 15.20. If you now want to pay with your credit, € 5.00 euros will be deducted from your bonus account. You will receive an invoice for € 10.20 and you will have € 33.20 still on your account.

4. There is no time bar on the accumulated credit, but it cannot be paid out in cash.

* Hinweis:
There will be no bonus for purchase of BEMO articles.