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Busch 7556
Grey Model Building Clay

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Descripción y datos

Grey Model Building Clay

A perfect base for an asphalt covered area.

The Busch model building clay is pre-stirred and can be used instantly. The clay is easy to form and hardens in 24 hours. Even in a hardened state, the elastic mass can be colored and scatter materials can be glued on. A lightly hardened mass can be softened again with water. Ideal possibilities:

Planting plant buckets, flower pots, etc. Just place »Natur Pur« plants from Busch in the soft mass, finished!
The clay mass can be easily spackeled with other material i.e.: wood.
In layouts with unpaved or dirt roads, the wheel tracks can be made to look 3-dimentional by rolling the vehicle through the soft mass. After it hardens the tracks will permanently visible.
Perfect for designing small details i.e.: cactus plants and sand hills.
Ideal for doing various repair work.
Aside from model train and diorama building, the Busch model building clay can also be used in the household for decorating items.
Contents: 90 g.
Fabricante: Busch
Código artículo:7556
vía: Neutral
Contenido:90 g
Fecha de aparición:Q2/2017
Precio del fabricante:5,99 €