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Busch 12006
LKM Ns 2f with 3 tilting lorries

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Description & specifications

This set contains everything you need to run the beautiful red closed LKM Ns 2f locomotive with its three tilting carriages in an oval track diagram.

Light rail locomotive LKM Ns 2f with magnet (brown with red chassis, similar to that used in the former Bad Freienwalde brickworks),
3 tilting lorries,
8 curved tracks radius 115 mm,
1 straight track and
1 siding each 133.2 mm.
Including battery box with switch (forward / reverse / stop).

The light rail tracks contain an integrated metal insert to increase the contact pressure of the wheels on the rails. This ensures reliable contact and high pulling power for a smooth ride. The oval track has a space requirement of approx. 265 x 375 mm.
To operate the train, two 1.5 V Mignon batteries LR6 / AA are required (not included) or a power supply unit with 3 V DC voltage. Since the locomotives only have a minimal power consumption, the batteries or rechargeable batteries last a very long time.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0f
Stromversorgung2x 1,5 V Mignon-Batterien LR6/AA
Delivery Date:Q2/2014
Manufacturer price:199,00 €

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