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About Digikeijs


Digikeijs was founded in 2006. Created from decades long experiences in the electronics assembly industry. Thanks to the interest in model railroading and the experience with the assembly process, it soon became clear that many products could be manufactured more simply and cheaply. In 2006, therefore, father and son decided to merge both properties into the company Digikeijs.


Digikeijs strives for a 100% product quality. We do this by optimizing production processes and at the same time always using quality components.

Thanks to decades of experience in the electronics assembly process, combining electronics production techniques and designing quality products is an important feature within the company.

Our Flagship

DR5000-ADJ DCC Multi-bus centrale
The DR5000 is a universal DCC controller suitable for virtually all varieties of connections that are currently available. The controller can deal with LocoNet and XpressNet equipment and through Wi-Fi and also with mobile handhelds.

We like to help you and bring our Digikeijs products closer to you.