H0 1:87
Power system DC
PluX22 Decoder (NEM 658)
with interior lighting
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Roco 7510064
Series 103

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Description & specifications

Electric locomotive 103 002 of the German Federal Railways.

■ Pre-series version with scissor pantographs
■ Operating status: until 1976
■ In digital operation with individually switchable headlights or taillights, driver's cab lighting and engine room lighting
■ Matching locomotive for the D 377 “Hispania-Express”, item no. 6200051, 6200052, 6200053
■ Z21 cab available

On the occasion of the International Transport Exhibition in Munich in 1965, the Deutsche Bundesbahn regularly ran trains at speeds of up to 200 km/h for the first time. The four E 03 series locomotives were then used both for test runs and in front of particularly fast TEE and F trains. With the delivery of the series 103.1 locomotives, the pre-series locomotives increasingly went into test service. From the summer of 1974, all pre-series 103s were based at the Hamburg-Eidelstedt depot. In addition to three pairs of express trains to Nuremberg and Munich, express trains to Lüneburg, Hanover, Hildesheim and Bremen were on the program. Long-distance journeys were gradually eliminated, although unscheduled express train operations did occur. In the fall of 1979, the use of the 103.0 series for regular trains ended and all four locomotives were permanently handed over to the test service of the German Federal Railway.
Replica of the 103 002 as it was in service until September 1976. It then received UIC sockets, handles and ergonomic steps on the front sides. One-arm pantographs followed a year later, before the aprons under the buffer beams were finally removed in the fall of 1980. The model is ideally suited to replacing a scheduled series 103 for the 160 km/h “Hispania” express train.
Manufacturer: Roco
Gauge: H0
Railway Company:DB
Power system: DC
Energy StorageYes
Digital Interface:PluX22 digital decoder socket
Flywheel mass:Yes
Motor5-pin motor
Anzahl angetriebene Achsen6
Anzahl Achsen mit Haftreifen2
Headlights:Triple headlights and two taillights, alternating with travel direction
LED Top illuminationYes
Coupler:Shaft NEM 362 with KK kinematics
Navigable minimum radius:358 mm
Length over buffer:224 mm
zusätzlich LichtfunktionYes
Interior Fittings:with interior lighting
Interior Fittings:digital control of cabin light
Interior Fittings:digital control of machine light
Delivery Date:Q3/2024
Manufacturer price:374,90 €



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