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Piko 56400

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Descrizione e dati

The PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22 DCC is a DCC digital decoder of the latest generation with multiple light functions and a 1.1 amp motor control.

The PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 masters
DCC data formats with Rail-ComPlus and can also be used on analog layouts. The SmartDecoder automatically recognizes the respective operating mode. Up to 44 additional functions can be called up.

Common properties:
• DCC, DC Analog operation
• Automatic recognition of operating mode
• Continuous motor current of 1.2 A
• Motor peak current of 2.0 A
• 7 additional special function outputs
• Total function current outputs of 0.4 A
• Function Mapping up to F44
• Shunting mode
• Programmable motor characteristics
• Braking distance modes
• Short-circuit and overheating protection
• Size: 22x15x38 mm
56400 PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1
Fabbricante: Piko
N. articolo:56400
Scala: H0
Prezzo del fabbricante:39,99 €

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