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Doehler&Haass SH05A-2
Vehicle sound module

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Description & specifications

Vehicle sound module with connection cable for SUSI

Product features and functions
Operation on all locomotive / vehicle decoders with a standard SUSI interface
Original vehicle-specific steam, diesel and electric locomotive sound projects (no "standard sounds")
Realistic steam driving noise with wheel-synchronized and overlapping exhaust beats, pitch-dependent pitch and independent boiling noise
Realistic diesel-hydraulic driving noise with pitch-dependent pitch, variable idle speed and independent acceleration levels, turbocharger and dynamic brake
Realistic diesel-mechanical driving noise with several gears, idling, several driving and acceleration levels and possible switching noise
Realistic electric driving noise with drive motor and drive motor fan as well as upgrade noises (pantograph, main switch, etc.), rear derailleur noise and dynamic brake
Bell, horn, whistle, closing doors etc. (depending on the sound project) can be triggered separately at any time
All sound sequences are freely configurable ("Function Mapping") and can be triggered randomly
Loudspeaker connection protected against short circuit and overload
Low heat generation through the use of the latest technologies
Reset function
Firmware update capability via SUSI interface using a programmer
Loadability of the sound projects via SUSI interface using a programmer
The update (firmware download from the Internet is free) is possible when the sound module is installed on the track

Dimensions [mm] 14.3 * 9.3 * 2.9
Sampling rate 22 kHz
Resolution 16 bits
Independent sound channels 8
Memory size 128 megabits
Storage duration up to 760 s
Max. Output power 1.6 W (8 Ω)
Max. Driving voltage 30 V
2 additional outputs unamplified
Manufacturer: Doehler&Haass
Gauge: Neutral
Power system: all
Dimensions (LxWxH):14,3 * 9,3 * 2,9 mm
Delivery Date:12/2020
Manufacturer price:64,90 €

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