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Busch 5780
Railway Station Sounds

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Description & specifications

Railway Station Sounds

Has 12 background sounds: Steam locomotive whistle, bell, horn, railway crossing, gong and train announcements (in standard German and also in a Saxon dialect, an Austrian dialect and a Swiss dialect), rail-side telephone, work gang signal, street car bells and police whistle.

The newest version of the well-known Busch Realistic Sound module has better sound quality - more background sounds - and is now digital controlled!

The new module has 12 different background sounds stored inside. Seven sounds can be chosen by keyboard, switch, relay or reed contact (magnetic time impulse switch) or with a random digital circuit. Alternatively, all sounds can be chosen digitally (DCC). A powerful external loudspeaker is included. With ditigal switching many extra programs are possible.

- Tecnical data:
- Power requirements: 12-22 V = / 12-16 V ~
- Power consumption: max. 700 mA
- Inputs: 7
- Output: max. 3 W (8 Ohm Loudspeaker)
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:69,99 €

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