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Busch 5770
Realistic Sound

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Description & specifications

Realistic Sound »UNIVERSAL« Railroad & City.

16 Sounds - 7 Outputs - 7 Light Programs - 4 Inputs for track contacts - Programmable - Digital-compatible.

Technical Information:
In each Realistic Sound »UNIVERSAL« module, 16 different sounds are stored. The sounds can be assigned to both loudspeakers at will (stereo-playback, or each speaker individually). A maximum of 4 sounds can be played at the same time (2 per loudspeaker). The release of the sounds and functions effected via the keys in the sound module, by means of the keyboard of a digital system, via 4 integrated random number generators or by means of 4 contacts (direct connection from track or reed contacts etc. at the Realistic sound). In addition the modules have 7 outputs for connecting lamps and other electrical accessories. The 7 outputs can be switched on and off over keyboard or be assigned to a sound and/or via the pre-programmed light programs.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:125,00 €

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