Decoder für DCC & Märklin/Motorola-Format
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Viessmann 5280
Multi-protocol point motor decoder

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Multi protocol switching and turnout decoder

The decoder is a multi protocol decoder for DCC- and Märklin-Motorola-format. Suitable as a point decoder for 4 turnouts with double coils and controls 2 additional servos. Equipped with 4 pairs of output, which can also be configurated with additional special functions. So lighting effects, blinking for road works or advertising are possible. The decoder recognizes settings of the turnouts with end position and informs postion by RailCom. Features: 4 pairs of turnout outputs (double coils). Outputs can be configurated as single outputs, switching on positive voltage, power supply can be provided from the digital signal or from an external supply to reduce load. More functions for the outputs: Impulse-, constant- or flashing output, adjustable output power, signals current max. 5 A each output, total max. current 5 A, decoder maximal 5 A. E-socket for injection of switched current by separate trafo. Maximum current of decoder is adjustable. LEDs show the current states of the outputs input for digital signal from the rail configuration on the programming tracking configuration on the main track (POM) setting the decoder address with the push of a button RailCom screw terminal. Servo outputs configurate operating displacement and speed, power supply for both servos: Total 300 mA constant, 450 mA short-time. With screw terminals.
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Digital-DecoderDCC & Motorola
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