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ESU 51804
Precision Servo Motor

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Description & specifications

Servo Motor, precision mini-servo, micro-controlled with plastic gearing, incl. mounting kit

The most important application regarding the Precision Servo Motor is to throw points. With the help of the Precision Servo Motor you are able to move your model railway switches like the original ones: the switch blade moves slowly and powerfully from one position to another.
While doing this the Precision Servo motor works almost noiselessly due to the precision gearing made of long-lasting plastic. It is mere child´s play to motorize railway crossings via the Precision Servo motor and the SwitchPilot Servo. At last you can let the gates down at your keyboard in due time. Furthermore the Servo motor enables you to open and close the doors of your engine shed by remote control. Thanks to its new electronics the ESU Precision Servo Motor moves considerably smoother than other servos, as the ESU product has been optimized for slow motions.
Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:März/2016
Manufacturer price:15,95 €

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