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Viessmann 52292
Double multiplexer

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Description & specifications

Double multiplexer for 2 colour light signals with multiplex-technology

Control module with integrated digital decoder (MM/ DCC) is for 2 Viessmann home signals with multiplex-technology, e. g. Ks-signals item-No. 4042 – 4046 and standard light signals item-No. 4721 – 4728 and is the best control for Viessmann signal bridge item-No. 4750 equipped with signal heads item-No. 4750 – 4753. The module controls 2 independent home signals and automatically indentifies the connected signals. In case that home- and distant signal are one unit (Hp/Vr- combination), the signal heads can be controlled separately with an own address. Block distances operation with track control. Viessmann SpeedBus (LSB) provides comfortable connection with Viessmann Commander. Connected signal is recognized and configurated accordingly. Module has no Signalbus but offers control of distant signal by free addresses. The module recognizes the task of home signal and controls the distant signal. Connection of the signal is done by only one track connection. Smooth change of lighting between the signal pictures and more features are adjustable. For automatic train control item-No. 5227 relay, double, monostable, 2 x 2UM direct connection is possible.
Manufacturer: Viessmann
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:74,50 €


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