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Uhlenbrock 65110
mfu module

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Description & specifications

mfu module for Intellibox II.

With the new mfu module, your Intellibox II also gets along with the mfx vehicles in your system. Due to the automatic registration, the vehicles enter their name and the associated probe function symbols in the Intellibox II database, so that they can be selected and operated immediately with all the convenience. You can now access all special functions directly and control your mfx® vehicles with 128 speed levels.

As always, the installation is extremely easy: the mfu module is connected to the track output of the Intellibox II, to the rails and to the LocoNet.

In order for the Intellibox II (item no. 65100) to be able to control mfx locomotives on your layout together with the new mfu module, the Intellibox II must have software version 1.200. You can download the corresponding update free of charge from the homepage. Please also note the instructions for activating the mfx data format in the description of the mfu module.
Manufacturer: Uhlenbrock
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:08 / 2022
Manufacturer price:99,00 €

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