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Märklin 60842
m84 Decoder

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Description & specifications

m84 Decoder

This is a receiver for turning on/off continuous current for lighting, motors, Hobby color light signals (74371, 74380, 74391), and other electrical accessories.
The m84 supports the digital formats Motorola, DCC, and mfx. The digital address can be set by means of coding switches or by means of the programming track in 4 steps. The address range in the Motorola format is up to 320 and in the DCC format up to 2040.
The m84 has 8 relays in 4 galvanically separated groups for switching users. Using the 66360/66365/66367 switched mode power pack allows you to achieve the bi-stable state of the relays and to store the switching status. 4 Hobby color light signals and 4 Hobby distant signals can be controlled with the simultaneous switching capability of the track current. In addition, the m84 has 8 inputs for manually switching the relays (similar to the 7244 universal relay). The m83 and m84 decoders can be arranged in any sequence. Connections on the decoders are done by means of set-screw terminal clips.
The maximum current load per group is 5 amps.

- Supports the mfx digital format.
- LED indicators for fast recognition of operating status.
- Can be updated.
Manufacturer: Märklin
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:Oktober 2017
Manufacturer price:79,99 €

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