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Lenz 11101
4-way switching receiver

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Description & specifications

Switch receiver LS101 with feedback:

Four points or signals etc. can be connected to the switching decoder. DC voltage is present at the outputs. This must be taken into account when using light-emitting diodes. The R and S terminals are used to connect to the control center, which is necessary for the turnout position feedback. The turnout or signal position is then displayed, for example, in the manual controller or passed on to a control program as information.

Text manufacturer:
After the procurement of components for the switching receiver LS100, which had been offered for many years, became more and more difficult, we revised it and provided it with new, up-to-date components.
As a result, we have changed the article designation to LS101 for easier differentiation. The
new switching receiver LS101 is unchanged in its range of functions.
Manufacturer: Lenz
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:Q2 / 2023
Manufacturer price:79,95 €

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