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ESU 53900
professional test bench

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Description & specifications

Professional test stand for decoders, NEM652, 651, 21MTC, PluX22, Next18, single cable, coreless motor, LED monitor, loudspeaker, extension socket

The professional test stand is intended for testing or programming digital decoders with digital command stations or the ESU LokProgrammer. For this purpose, the professional test bench simulates all elements of a locomotive. All common interfaces for gauges N to H0 are available.
Connection of the decoder
The individual elements are labeled on the circuit board of your professional test stand. Use the appropriate interface for this. Only plug one decoder into the professional test stand.
If you have a decoder without a digital interface, you can also connect the wires individually to the screw terminal.
Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:2019
Manufacturer price:42,99 €


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