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Description & specifications

LokProgrammer unit, power supply, manual, USB adapter (Dimensions: 95mm x 85mm x 22mm (3.74 inch x 3.35 inch x 0.87 inch)

You want to listen to the sound spectrum of your favourite loco, or the special sound of that loco around the corner in the yard – on your model railroad? No problem with ESU’s LokProgrammer!

One prerequisite: A PC with sound card and Windows (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10). Simply record the original sound of your engine and edit it at home with your computer. Many customers did this already successfully. Even if you don’t yet belong to this elite group of LokSound Pro’s, the LokProgrammer is still a very useful tool for you. It is the easiest way to program your ESU-decoder. You need no programming experience, thanks to the graphic screen everything falls into place with a few mouse clicks.

What the LokProgrammer can do:
Change the sound safed on the decoder.
Setting of all digital parameters of the Loksound decoder such as address of the loco, operation speed, maximum speed, braking deceleration, brightness of bulbs etc; you can set all options with your computer very easily - no cumbersome entering of CVs (configuration variables) with your command station.
Rearrange your sounds and transfer it to the LokSound decoder.
You can use all sounds that can be downloaded to your computer hard disk.
Sound can be allocated to different events.
Additional sounds can be activated via function buttons.

With the LokProgrammer you can erase the sound data of any LokSound decoder as many times as you wish, and replace it with a different sound. To this end we offer on our homepage more than 200 different, fully matching sounds of various prototypes and locos for downloading on your computer. Also you can edit just parts of a sound project: You don’t like the decoder’swhistle? Just replace it with one of the many others. Suitable sources beside those offered by us, are in Windows *.wav format available. Sound – even voice or music is no problem for our decoders. With the LokProgrammer’s aid you use the entire flexibility and functionality offered by LokSound decoders.

By the same token, all other ESU decoders profit from the LokProgrammer’s versatility; no matter if DCC, Multiprotocol - or mfx decoder. With its help it’s possible to edit all parameters of the particular decoder simply and conveniently. The available options depend on the kind of decoder. Beside addresses and acceleration - and deceleration settings, this concerns above all the allotment of function keys (function mapping), the allocation of special effects to the individual outputs, or the lamp brightness. The LokProgrammer can also help when optimizing back EMF parameters or the loadable speed table. All options can be programmed very conveniently: There is no tedious punching-in of CV-numbers at the digital station anymore.

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Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: Neutral
Power system: all
Dimensions (LxWxH):95 x 85 x 22 mm
Operating systemWindows XP
Operating systemWindows Vista
Operating systemWindows 7
Operating systemWindows 8
Operating systemWindows 8.1
Operating systemWindows 10
PC-connectorSerielle Schnittstelle
PC-connectorbeiliegendes USB-Adapterkabel
Manufacturer price:149,90 €

Role model

LokProgrammer - PC Software

Zum Betrieb des LokProgrammer benötigen Sie eine Software für Ihren PC. Die Software wird ständig weiterentwickelt. Holen Sie sich hier die aktuellste Version und halten Sie Ihren Computer stets "Up to date"!
Die Software wurde für den Einsatz auf PCs unter Microsoft Windows (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) entwickelt.
Eine Funktion mit älteren Windows-Versionen kann nicht garantiert werden.

Zum Download auf der ESU Homepage: PC Software

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