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Description & specifications

LokProgrammer Set: LokProgrammer, power supply unit, USB adapter, operating instructions (size: 95mm x 85mm x 22mm)

Do you want to experience the background noise of your favorite locomotive on your model railway? No problem with the ESU LokProgrammer! The only requirement: A PC with a sound card, serial interface (or USB) and Windows (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10). Simply record the original sounds of your locomotive and then edit them on the computer.

The settings of all ESU decoders - i.e. all LokSound decoders and LokPilot - can be changed with the help of the LokProgrammer according to your wishes - so that nothing stands in the way of your personal railway feeling. Thanks to the Windows graphical user interface, the decoder can be optimally adjusted even without programming experience. Adapting a digital decoder has never been easier!

What can the LokProgrammer do?
- Changing the sound stored on the LokSound module
- Set / change all digital parameters of the LokSound decoder such as locomotive address, acceleration, maximum speed, braking delay, lamp brightness and much more. All options can be set comfortably with the mouse on the PC - no tedious input of CVs (configuration variables) on the control unit!
- Reassemble sound data and transfer it to the LokSound decoder. You can use any noise that you can load onto your PC's hard drive
- Sounds can be assigned to different events
- Triggering additional sounds via the function keys

With the LokProgrammer you can delete the sound data of each LokSound decoder as often as you like and replace it with another sound. We offer over 400 different, completely tuned sounds of various series and types for download. But you can also change individual parts of a sound project: Don't like the whistle on the decoder? Then simply replace it with one of the many others! In addition to the noises we offer, suitable sources are all sounds available in Windows *.wav format – even speech or music is no problem for our decoders! With the help of the LokProgrammer you use the entire flexibility and functionality that the LokSound decoders offer you.

Then start the particularly user-friendly LokProgrammer software. This runs on all modern Windows systems (Windows 8.1 or higher). Place the locomotive with ESU decoder on the track and you can read out, change and reprogram the decoder data. The program reliably recognizes which decoder you have installed in your locomotive.

The link to the software is below.
Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: Neutral
Power system: all
Dimensions (LxWxH):95 x 85 x 22 mm
Operating systemWindows XP
Operating systemWindows Vista
Operating systemWindows 7
Operating systemWindows 8
Operating systemWindows 8.1
Operating systemWindows 10
PC-connectorSerielle Schnittstelle
PC-connectorbeiliegendes USB-Adapterkabel
Manufacturer price:149,90 €

Role model

LokProgrammer - PC Software

Zum Betrieb des LokProgrammer benötigen Sie eine Software für Ihren PC. Die Software wird ständig weiterentwickelt. Holen Sie sich hier die aktuellste Version und halten Sie Ihren Computer stets "Up to date"!Diese läuft auf allen modernen Windows-Systemen (Windows 8.1 oder höher).

Zum Download auf der ESU Homepage

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