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ESU 51801
SwitchPilot Extension

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Description & specifications

SwitchPilot Extension, 4 x relay output, extension for SwitchPilot
The SwitchPilot Extension Module only works in conjunction with a SwitchPilot. Plugged into the side, it is supplied with power directly from the SwitchPilot. It contains a total of 4 double relays (2 x UM each), each of which is permanently assigned to a transistor output pair of the SwitchPilot. The position of the respective relay depends directly on the switching status of this output pair.

With the help of the relay, consumers can either be switched galvanically isolated from the rest of the rail circuit (function analogous to k84) or a motorized point drive can be reversed.

Since each relay can be loaded with up to 1.5A continuous current, it can not only be used to polarize switch frogs, but also to supply block sections with voltage depending on the signal or to switch motor drives such as (water) pumps.

The option to control motorized point machines is particularly tricky: the SwitchPilot Extension Module can of course also handle the necessary motor reversal.
Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: Neutral
Power system: all
circuit points4 Doppelrelais, je 2 x UM
Dimensions (LxWxH):86 x 86 x 25 mm
Delivery Date:9 /2007
Manufacturer price:34,99 €

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