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Digikeijs DR5088RC

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16 fold RAILCOM feedback module with occupancy detection

Limited introduction price!

a 16 fold feedback module with occupancy detection and (per input) RailCom Channel 1 address report. And a Global RailCom detector for each booster this module is connected to (can be deactivated for command stations with built-in RailCom detector). All info transported by LocoNet. And firmware updateble over USB. Programmable over LNCV or USB.

1x Global Detector
16x Local Detector zone
Global Detector 4.5 Amp
Local Detector 3.0 Amp
Bezetmeld gevoeligheid 10-15 mA
Bezetmelding voor alle zones via LocoNet OPC_INPUT_REP message, compatible met DR4088LN
RailCom Adres Channel 1 terugmelding via LocoNet OPC_MULTI_SENSE message
Optionele RailCom richtings info via OPC_MULTI_SENSE message, instelbaar compatible met Bluecher.
POM uitlezen van CV's via standaard LocoNet ProgTrack messages
Terugmeldadres instelbaar per Detector
Voeding direct uit aangeboden DCC power, geen extra voeding nodig
USB aansluiting voor configuratie en Firmware Update
Programmeerbaar via LNCV, of via wisselcommando na drukken prog-knop
Manufacturer: Digikeijs
Gauge: Neutral
Data formatsDCC / Motorola
Delivery Date:November 2017
Manufacturer price:99,95 €

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