Power system DC
Decoder für DCC & Selectrix
Nota según la directiva de seguridad de juguetes de la UE 2009/48/CE: Atención, no apto para menores de 15 años.

Doehler&Haass DH18A

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Descripción y datos

Product characteristics and functions of the drive decoders

For operation optionally with conventional direct-current vehicles, digital systems according to NMRA standard (DCC), SelecTRIX 1 and 2, Motorola and partly AC analogue
Switchover between analogue to digital is automatic
In digital mode, the system last programmed is used (no automatic switchover!)
DCC short addresses (1-127), long addresses (0001-9999), with 14, 28, 126 speed stages
SelecTRIX 1: 31 speed stages, 100 addresses, 16 additional functions
SelecTRIX 2: 127 speed stages, 10,000 addresses, 16 additional functions
Latest-generation load control for especially smooth control behaviour
Various control types for optimal adjustment to the engine
127 internal speed stages
Adjustable engine frequency (low frequency, 16 kHz,32 kHz)
Block section operation with simple diodes in digital mode
Light and function outputs (partly) dimmable and capable of analogue activation
Shunting gear
Engine, light and track connections electronically replaceable
All function outputs freely programmable
Temperature protection
Reset function for DCC and SX2
Fabricante: Doehler&Haass
Código artículo:DH18A
vía: Neutral
Sistema de corriente: DC
Decoder digital:DCC & Selectrix
Motorausgang1000 mA
Dimensiones (LxAxA):13,5 * 9,0 * 2,8 mm
Precio del fabricante:31,90 €

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