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Uhlenbrock 77200
ID2 decoder, 3A

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Description & specifications

In DCC operation, the decoders can be operated with 14, 27, 28 or 128 speed steps. They can be set to long addresses. This results in an address range of 1-9999.

In Motorola operation, the decoders have an address range of 1-255. With the Märklin centers 6020 and 6021, however, only 80 addresses can be reached.

The decoders can be programmed via Motorola and DCC centers and with all known programming methods. In the case of decoders with load balancing, the locomotive motor is controlled via a motor voltage with a frequency of 18.75 KHz, which ensures extremely smooth motor operation. Minimum speed, maximum speed and start-up braking delay are adjustable.

The light outputs that depend on the direction of travel can be dimmed, as can the special function outputs on some decoders. An additional switchable shunting gear enables very fine speed control in the low-speed range. Shunting gear and start-brake delay can be switched on and off via function keys.

Suitable for:
Gauge: H0-0-I-IIm
Data format: DCC/Mot.
Motor type: DC coreless armature
Analog mode: =/~
Connection: cable

Continuous load: 1.8 A
Motor Peak Current: 3.0A
Light and special functions: 0.4 A
Light outputs dimmable: yes
Additional special function outputs: 5
Timed special function outputs: yes
Function mapping: yes
SUSI sound interface: yes
LISSY output: yes

replaces 77100
Manufacturer: Uhlenbrock
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:06 / 2022
Manufacturer price:54,90 €

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