N 1:160
Power system DC
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Doehler&Haass PD05A-3
Nano locomotive decoder

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Description & specifications

Nano locomotive decoder PD05A for SX1, SX2 and DCC with 6 pigtails,
Length approx. 145mm
2nd generation

higher dielectric strength (30 V)
Solder pads for VS and GND for possible connection of the common return (blue wire) or a buffer capacitor
Approximately ten times the buffer capacity (therefore longer contact faults can be run through without data loss)

Nano locomotive decoder 0.5 A
Operating mode SX1, SX2, DCC
Dimensions [mm] 5.2 * 8.0 * 2.5
Total load 0.5 A
Max motor current 0.5A
Max. driving voltage 30 V
LV, LR (dimmable) 150 mA each
Manufacturer: Doehler&Haass
Gauge: N
Power system: DC
Dimensions (L x W):5,0 * 7,9 * 2,5 mm
Motor connector0,5 A
Delivery Date:Q2/2021
Manufacturer price:36,90 €