N 1:160
Power system DC
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Doehler&Haass PD05A-1
Nano locomotive decoder

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Description & specifications

Nano locomotive decoder PD05A for SX1, SX2 and DCC.
With ribbon cable for NEM 651 (recommended for Minitrix)
2nd generation

higher dielectric strength (30 V)
Solder pads for VS and GND for possible connection of the common return (blue wire) or a buffer capacitor
Approximately ten times the buffer capacity (therefore longer contact faults can be run through without data loss)

Nano locomotive decoder 0.5 A

Operating mode SX1, SX2, DCC
Dimensions [mm] 5.2 * 8.0 * 2.5
Total load 0.5 A
Max motor current 0.5A
Max. driving voltage 30 V
LV, LR (dimmable) 150 mA each

Product Features and Functions
For optional operation with digital systems according to SelecTRIX 1 and 2 or according to the NMRA standard (DCC)
In digital mode, the last programmed system is used (it is not switched over automatically!)
SelecTRIX 1 31 speed steps, 100 addresses
SelecTRIX 2 127 speed steps, 10,000 addresses, 16 additional functions
DCC Short addresses (1-127), long addresses (0001-9999), with 14, 28, 126 speed steps
Load control of the latest generation, resulting in particularly soft control behavior
Various control variants for optimal adaptation to the engine
Internally 127 speed levels
Adjustable motor frequency (16kHz, 32kHz)
Block section operation with simple diodes in digital operation
Light outputs dimmable
shunting gear
Engine, light and track connections can be exchanged electronically
All function outputs freely programmable
temperature protection
Reset function for DCC and SX2
Decoder update capability
Manufacturer: Doehler&Haass
Gauge: N
Power system: DC
Dimensions (L x W):5,0 * 7,9 * 2,5 mm
Motor connector0,5 A
Delivery Date:05 / 2021
Manufacturer price:35,90 €


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