H0 1:87
PluX22 Decoder (NEM 658)
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Doehler&Haass DH22B-4
vehicle decoder

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Description & specifications

Vehicle decoder DH22A for SX1, SX2, DCC and MM for the PluX22 interface

Vehicle decoder 2.0 A

Operating mode SX1, SX2, DCC, MM, DC analog, AC analog
Dimensions [mm] (subject to change) 20.7 * 15.8 * 5.2
Total load capacity 2.0 A
Max motor current 2.0A
Max. driving voltage 30 V
Switching voltage with AC-analogue max. 45 V peak = 30 V rms.
LV, LR (dimmable) 150 mA each
AUX1, AUX2 (dimmable) 300 mA each
AUX3, AUX4 1.0A each
AUX5, AUX6 1.0A each
AUX7 1.0A
AUX8 unamplified

Manufacturer: Doehler&Haass
Gauge: H0
Digital Interface:PluX22 digital decoder socket
Dimensions (L x W):20,7 x 15,8 x 5,2 mm
Light connectors2 outputs
Light connectorsdimmable
Belastung Lichtausgang150 mA
Output current2A
Output voltagemax. 30V
Output currentmax. 2A
Delivery Date:Mai 2022
Manufacturer price:42,90 €

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