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ESU 50096
ECoSDetector Standard

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Descripción y datos

ECoSDetector Standard feedback module for 3-digit layouts, 16 digital inputs, OPTO

The ECoSDetector Standard is made for all model railroaders who look for a reliable and affordable feeback module without needing the expandable functions of the ECoSDetector. The ECoSDetector Standard is primarily meant to be a substitute for the aged s88 feedback modules: modifications on track work wiring are not necessary.
Detection and feedback
The ECoSDetector is able to monitor up to 16 track sections and reports the presence of a loco (track occupancy). Operation with every 3-digit track is possible, no matter if you have a M-, K-, or C-track.
Switch inputs
Alternatively the 16 inputs can be used as conventional switch inputs: Connect the reed contacts as well as the contact tracks or switches (and toggle switches) with it and handle the information given with the help of your central station.
ECoSlink connection
Every ECoSDetector Standart can be directly connected to the command station via the ECoSlink bus. Beside all ECoS command stations you can also use the Central Station® (updated with the Central Station® with software upgrade by ESU). The module will be automatically linked to the command station and also graphically configured.
When needed, the ECoSDetector software can be upgraded to add new functionalities. The command station will perform the required updates completely automatically. This will guarantee at all times that the ECoSDetector remains at the most current technical status.
Fabricante: ESU
Código artículo:50096
vía: Neutral
Sistema de corriente: AC
Precio del fabricante:84,90 €

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