H0 1:87
Epoche VI
ESU LokSound
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

ESU 31428
BR V60

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Description & specifications

Diesel loco, V60.01, green-white, SETG, Ep VI, sound smoke, el. Coupling, DC / AC
The DB-V60 is completely new as an ESU model! Chassis, body, engine, gearbox, grinder including intake, smoke unit, lighting, digital clutch, speakers and all details have been redeveloped. The lamp inserts have vertical engraving to match the look of DB unit lamps.

The conversion from AC (factory setting) to DC operation is done by pulling off the center grinder and switching a small slide switch just in front of the front axle

The digital remote controllable, electromagnetic clutch sits in a standard shaft, is height-adjustable in two stages and can easily be exchanged, if necessary, thanks to connectors without soldering work or replaced by any coupling.

The newly designed smoke generator generates a larger steam output.

Completely new is the LokSound 5 decoder. Silky driving characteristics and a number of useful functions and adjustment options inspire the operator. For example, there is a Heavy Duty feature that doubles the acceleration and deceleration times and makes the engine sound at higher engine speeds. With the "loco brake", the locomotive goes into idle and slows down a bit more - if necessary to a standstill - regardless of the position of the accelerator. In shunting mode, the locomotive accelerates and decelerates more than in normal operation.

Technical data:

- LokSound decoder for DCC with RailComPlus®, Motorola®, M4 and Selectrix
- Self-registration at control panels with RailComPlus® or mfx® functionality
- Universal electronics with plug grinder
- Newly developed load-dependent smoke generator synchronous to LokSound
- Double loudspeaker with large sound capsule
- 31 Special functions
- PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterruptible power supply
- Bell armature motor with flywheel
- Digital remote-controlled coupling in NEM shaft
- Prototypical top lighting, cabin and driver's desk lighting
- Undercarriage lighting
- Engraved light guide
- Construction and frame off Metal
- Openwork fan grilles in the long stem
- Robust and yet delicate metal and plastic handle bars
- Multi-colored driver's cab with driver figure
- Length over buffers = 121 mm
Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: H0
Railway Company:Private
Power system: all
Digital-Decoder:ESU Locomotive Sound
Coupler:Digitally controllable
Interior Fittings:digital control of cabin light
Interior Fittings:digital control of machine light
Interior Fittings:Digitally switchable engine lighting
Flywheel mass:Yes
Length over buffer:121 mm
Smoke Generator:Yes
Delivery Date:Q4/2019
Manufacturer price:419,00 €

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