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Piko 56424-BWARE
PIKO Smart Decoder 4.1 Sound

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PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 Sound with loudspeaker PluX22 (for V60)

The PIKO SmartSound decoder 4.1 is a universally applicable digital decoder of the latest generation with 8 channels and 12bit sounds, various light outputs and a 1.2 A motor controller. The PIKO SmartSound decoder 4.1 masters the data formats DCC with Rail-ComPlus®, Motorola® and Selectrix®, is mfx-capable and can also be used on analogue systems. The decoder recognizes the respective operating mode automatically. Up to 44 switchable additional functions can be called up. Locomotive and railway-typical sounds, such as engine and driving noises, signal horns, squeaking brakes, station announcements, shunting commands and many more can be activated individually! Sound is also possible in analog mode (only engine noise).
Producent: Piko
Nr artykułu:56424-BWARE
Skala: H0
Cena u producenta:114,99 €

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