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ESU 58816
LokSound 5 micro

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LokSound 5 micro DCC / MM / SX / M4 "Empty decoder", 6-pin NEM651, Retail, with loudspeaker 11x15mm, gauge: H0, TT, N

The fifth-generation LokSound decoder has been completely redesigned. By using a new, powerful 32-bit processor, all the features of the previously known LokSound decoders have been significantly improved: LokSound 5 decoders play up to 10 sound channels simultaneously, each channel achieving hi-fi quality thanks to 16-bit resolution and 31250Hz sample rate ,
With a LokSound 5 decoder, the sound quality and dynamic range of your locomotives will almost match the original. 128 Mbit noise storage provide enough capacity.
LokSound 5 decoders feature even better motor load regulation with up to 50 kHz clock speed and noise-optimized motor control, so that even bell armature or lane-1 engines with excellent low-speed driving characteristics can now drive silently.
LokSound 5 decoders have numerous outputs for controlling light and additional functions and can control RC servos or SUSI modules as required.
Each LokSound 5 decoder is also a true multi-protocol decoder with all four known data formats: In addition to DCC with RailComPlus, they all understand the M4 format and log on to modern Märklin control centers automatically. Support for Motorola and Selectrix makes it possible to use it with older control panels.
Furthermore, every (even N track!) LokSound 5 decoder can be run on analog DC and AC systems. The desired operating mode is automatically detected.
Depending on the central unit, up to 32 functions are possible, which can be assigned any special functions with the uniquely flexible ESU function mapping. Three new, individually adjustable brake controls, as well as a two-stage heavy-load simulation bring just as much joy of playing as the new random functions, with the help of which light effects can also be controlled at random. In order to meet the different sizes and power requirements of the vehicles, LokSound 5 decoders are offered in various versions.

Replaces 54800, figure as an example.
Producent: ESU
Nr artykułu:58816
Skala: N
Data wydania:Q1/2019
Cena u producenta:109,99 €


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