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Lenz 21103
LH101-R wireless hand controller

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Wireless Hand Controller LH101-R with LTM101 Radio Receiver

Wireless Hand Controller LH101-R
The new wireless hand controller LH101-R from Digital plus is the same functionality and operation as the hand controller LH101.
Connection to the controller via XpressNet with the radio receiver LTM101.
Up to 4 wireless handheld controllers LH101-R can be operated on one LTM101 radio receiver.
Radio technology is developed in collaboration with Massoth.
The power is supplied by 2 AA batteries.

The new wireless hand controller:
The new wireless hand controller LH101-R can do everything important **, what the proven LH100 already can. And, of course, everything that the LH101 can do. We've put a lot of emphasis on ease-of-use and prefer to dispense with features that are more akin to smartphones in favor of safe and easy operation. \u003c/\u003e \u003c/\u003e The LH101-R also has a large, backlit LCD display on which you can enjoy all to find information necessary for the control. Clicking on the picture will show you the various displays in an overview as well as examples of typical displays when controlling a locomotive.
To use the LH101-R, you need a Digital plus Central Station LZV200 or a LZV100 Software version 3.6. \u003c/\u003e \u003c/\u003e ** The LH101-R has omitted the 14 speed steps and the programming in "register mode", because this is only necessary for very old decoders.

* More important Note for the use of analog locomotives!
Conventional (analogue) locomotives used on systems controlled by Digital plus by Lenz® generate a whistling sound. This is normal because DCC permanently has a rapidly changing voltage on the track that is not processed by a locomotive decoder in a conventional (analog) locomotive, but is applied directly to the engine. This voltage form is not suitable for locomotives with bell-armature motors, e.g. Faulhaber motors. Locomotives with these engines are only allowed to drive on locomotives (decoders) on digital systems. Without a locomotive receiver these motors would be damaged or destroyed by overheating within a short time.
There are a few engine types that are subject to the same limitations as bell anchor motors. If in doubt please ask the manufacturer of the locomotive.
Producent: Lenz
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Data wydania:06 / 2021
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