The sustainability of our measures
Our MSL sustainability measures

We constantly ask ourselves: how can we meet the demands of our customers and our own? What can we do for the environment? And how can we constantly improve and do justice to both sides?

Therefore, we would like to inform you comprehensively and transparently about our sustainability measures.

Already last year, we took concrete steps and aimed at a more ecological handling of packaging materials.

In the past, we used to pack our goods with plastic upholstery materials - today we increasingly focus on waste prevention and the use of upholstery materials made of recycled paper.

Packaging-artists at MSL

The high quality goods that leaves our warehouse are quite sensitive and must be protected accordingly. Therefore we pack according to the motto: as much as necessary - as little as possible! We want your locomotive to arrive safely and yet we regularly evaluate the packaging of our products and look critically where it can be reduced without adversely affecting the goods.

In order to counteract packaging waste and thus additional pollutant emissions, we at MSL already rely on the used cartons of our manufacturers and suppliers for shipping. Already used boxes are cut to size, used to reinforce the bottom or as a partition to optimally stabilize the goods.

Our employees are trained accordingly and are required to use packaging materials sparingly.

Old boxes are cut to size.
The cut-out act as an insert and stabilizes the bottom of the box.
Recycled paper is part of the protection against moisture and serves as padding.
The goods are positioned so nothing slips.
The package is sealed with tape.
Finally, the package is weighed and checked once more.

Sustainable shipping

The reduction of unnecessary transport is also of special concern to us. This begins with the purchase, where we summarize orders and select our partners also whether they use sustainable materials.

Our goal is to minimize the share of CO2 emissions per parcel. This is achieved through the high number of parcels that leave our warehouse and are collected by responsible transport companies such as DHL.
At the same time, we also try to deliberately minimize the amount of shipping by bundling several ordered items in as few shipments as possible.