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How are pre-orders / reservations handled ?

Pre-orders are non-binding for you and do not oblige us to supply. They don't represent a contract for any of the two parties.

When the pre-ordered article is delivered by the manufacturer, you'll get a email message from our system. In this email you'll find a link for the current order. Here you choose also your favourite payment method. The pre-ordered article is reserved for you for 5 days. If you do not order the article while this time we'll sell the article in our shop.

Where to find novelties ?

Novelties are normally listed in the article overview.

Novelties announced by the manufacturers for which we have only CAD drafts or example photos are not released in our shop before we have photos in good quality.Usually it takes a long time until the article is introduced into the marked by the manufacturer. It is our target to describe and show novelties as detailed as possible - sometimes this may take some more time.

Therefore it can take a few days until the novelties are catalogued. We kindly ask for your understanding. As one of the biggest Model Railroad retailers we have normally all novelties ordered in sufficient amounts.

How to process complaints ?

If you have complaints, please write an email to or call our Hotline +49-5231 - 9807-123.

Please don't send a faulty article at your own charge or not free. We'll send you a link, where you can download a DHL-Freeway-Card for free of charge reshipment.

If you don't have the possibility to print the DHL-Freeway-Card, please ask us for getting the DHL-Freeway-Card by letter post.

If the article is in stock, you will get an In-Advanced replacement. If the article is not in stock, we will order the article immediately at the manufacturer.

Of course you have the right of purchase cancellation.

Purchase cancellation ?

If you are not satisfied with an article, you have the right of purchase cancellation.

In this case please don't send the article at your own charge or not free.

We'll send you a link, where you can download a DHL-Freeway-Card for free of charge reshipment.

If you don't have the possibility to print the DHL-Freeway-Card, please ask for getting the DHL-Freeway-Card by letter post.

Why are some articles available immediately and others not ?

There are about 80.000 articles available. Unfortunately not all articles are available in stock. Also not at the manufacturers. Very often we have to check the availability by phone at the manufacturers. We don't get always precise information about the delivery date.

We've claimed an Electronic Data Interchange process from manufacturer to us. But this is unfortunately not possible. If an article is not available short-dated or in opposite to the information by the manufacturer sold out, we'll inform you immediately. In this case we'll refund the contract price.

Prices & Discounts ?

We try hard to offer you best prices. More discount is not possible.

But it is not vital how much discount you'll get, vital is what you pay at the end. Remember that you'll get an extra 3% Bonus for your next purchase additionally.


Articles from our category "B-stock" are items that no longer meet our quality standards for various reasons and are therefore no longer available from us as standard goods.

The B-stock products can be returns with slight traces, goods with defective or missing original packaging or goods with small paint defects. However, it may also be products that have already been repaired and so restored to an as-new state. Existing damages and/or defects are explained in the product description.

Of course, the two-year warranty also applies to this articles, except for the described deficiencies.

3D Secure

(auch Verified by VISA und andere)
Ist ein Protokoll zur Gewährleistung von mehr Sicherheit bei Online-Zahlungen mit Kreditkarte. Je nach Kreditkarte hat das Protokoll unterschiedliche Bezeichnungen: "MasterCard SecureCode", "Verified by Visa" oder bei American Express "Safekey".

So funktioniert das Verfahren
Bei Modellbahnshop-Lippe ist 3D-Secure aktiviert. Es kann also durchaus vorkommen, dass Sie sich bei Ihrer ersten Zahlung in unserem Online-Shop erstmals für das Verfahren regisitrieren müssen, da viele andere Shops dieses Verfahren immer noch nicht aktiviert haben.

Die Registrierung erfolgt über Ihre kartenausgebende Bank.
Dabei werden persönliche Daten erfragt. Welche das sind, hängt von der Bank ab. Es kann sich zum Beispiel um Ihren Geburtstag handeln oder aber um einen Code, den die Bank Ihnen bereits geschickt hat.

Während des Bezahlvorgangs werden Sie von unserem Zahlungsprovider "Wirecard" zu einer Seite Ihres Kreditkarten-Anbieters (kartenausgebende Bank) geleitet oder die Seite wird einen "iFrame", wie ein eingebettetes Fenster angezeigt. Dort geben sie ihr Passwort ein. Damit Sie erkennen, ob sie mit dem Server Ihrer Bank kommunizieren, wird ihnen ihre persönliche Mitteilung angezeigt. Andere Banken senden bei jedem Einkauf eine neue TAN an das Handy der Kunden oder lassen sich den Einkauf per App bestätigen.

DPD Predict

On the delivery day you will receive a notification by e-mail or as SMS about the approx. time of delivery. The time window varies between 1 and 6 hours, depending on the country. On request, you can move the delivery. Depending on the country for a maximum of 3 to 5 days.
By activating "Predict" during the ordering process, you agree that we will forward your email address to DPD for this purpose.
DPD will use your e-mail address or mobile number exclusively for the purpose of notification.

Read here the Data Protection Information from DPD.

Phone number Indication

Due to new requirements, we are unfortunately forced to request a telephone number for DPD or UPS deliveries in certain countries. This phone number is printed on the address label and serves the driver to make contact if he does not meet you. So this may helps to speed up delivery in many cases.
The data will be sent to the consignor solely for this purpose.

Net price display

If you get displayed net prices by mistake, it may occur because your browser sends an incorrect language or country code ("en-US").

You can resolve this issue by visiting the following URL:

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