H0 1:87
Courant continu
PluX22 Decoder (NEM 658)
KK-Kulisse am Tender
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.
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Brawa 50681
Rheingold set

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Description & données

Road number: Class 01 steam locomotive (road no. 01 069), baggage car (road no. Cologne 90 202), 2 x 1st class passenger carriages (road no Cologne 20 506 / Cologne 20 501), 2x 2nd class passenger cars (road number Cologne 24 502 / Cologne 24 505)

The car set cannot be ordered separately. Individual wagons are available as supplements: e.g. baggage wagon Pw4ü Pr 16 DRG item no. 45425-45427.

Boiler, driver's cab and tender designed as finely detailed
Plastic components
Perforated bar frame and spoked wheels made of die-cast zinc
Smoke generator and sound decoder installed or prepared for installation
Illuminated driver's cab
Epoch-appropriate lighting
Standard shaft at the back, guided by a backdrop
Close coupling between the locomotive and the tender
True to the original replica of the rear wall of the boiler
Fine printing and painting
Lines and attached parts with thin walls\u003c| \u003eIndividually mounted ascents and steps
Drive in the tender for optimal driving characteristics
Individual axle bearing in metal
To scale wheelbase
Drive and coupling rods made of metal
850 mm leading wheels Bolted outflow boxes on the cylinders
Control carrier in cast design
Tender 2'2' T32

Type differences according to variant
Differently designed roofs and car floors
Exact replica of the Görlitz II s Heavy bogies
Complete reproduction of the brake system
Individually inserted table lamps
Exactly reproduced vehicle frame
Multi-part interior fittings
Short coupling kinematics
Three-point bearing in metal axle holders
Metal wheels
Exactly fitted windows\u003c| \u003eFinest details engraved with sharp contours
Fabricant: Brawa
Référence :50681
EAN :4012278506814
voie: H0
Société ferroviaireDRG
Époque :II
Réseau électrifié: courant continu / 2 rails
Décodeur digital:Non
Interface digital:Interface électrique PluX22 pour unités de traction
Masse d'inertie:Oui
Bandages d'adhérence4
Coupleur:Schacht NEM 362 mit KK-Kinematik am Tender
Aménagement intérieur:Eclairage du poste de conduite
Radius minimal:420 mm
Éclairage frontal:2-Spitzenlicht mit Fahrtrichtung wechselnd
Date de parution :06 / 2023
Prix fabricant :954,40 €

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