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minicar 66004
Multicar M24-0

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Description & specifications

kit. Finely detailed model of the Multicar M24-0.

A wide range of attachments made the Multicar M24 with crew cab universally usable. The true-to-scale vehicle with sliding sign helps to keep traffic routes free of snow in winter. The lamp trim rings, the indicators and taillights, the door handles and the license plates are elaborately printed several times. Doors that can be displayed open, a dummy engine, prototypically labeled tires on correctly reproduced rims and rollability characterize the completely newly designed model vehicle. The axle shafts are made of blackened steel. A printed sheet with alternative license plates is included. Includes seated figure.

Dimensions 52 x 19 x 28mm

Dimensions 44 x 24 x 25mm

The Multicar 24 was manufactured from 1974 in the VEB vehicle factory in Waltershausen in the GDR. Initially only equipped with a one-seater cabin, customer demands in 1977 led to the further development of the M24-0 with a two-seater cabin. Compared to its predecessor M22, it was now equipped with a significantly more powerful, newly developed four-cylinder, four-stroke swirl chamber diesel engine from the Cunewalde engine plant with 45 hp and water cooling. Thanks to a new, torsionally flexible steel profile frame with a standardized hole pattern for the superstructure, a large number of variants were possible, e.g. B. flatbed vehicle, three-way tipper, dump truck, high-board tipper, turntable ladder vehicle, collection container vehicle, box vehicle and many more. The vehicle was built until 1978 in a number of 25,659 units with an export rate of 48 percent until it was replaced by the Multicar 25.
Manufacturer: minicar
Gauge: H0
Dimensions (LxWxH):44 x 24 x 25 mm
Delivery Date:12 / 2022
Manufacturer price:35,50 €

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