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Wiking 117101
Forklift (Clark)

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Description & specifications

Forklift (Clark) - pale green, 1952-56
• 1:87 Clark forklift miniaturized based on the WIKING model

WIKING itself provided the model - its history was written in the post-war years: When the Allies pushed ahead with the reconstruction of the country, they brought along American industry to help with economic development. Among them was the US manufacturer Clark, who manufactured the urgently needed forklifts under license in the Ruhr area and also successfully sold them with the support of a WIKING advertising model. Master model builder Alfred Kedzierski created the Clark forklift truck in 1:25 at the beginning of the 1950s. A good 65 years later, this resulted in a filigree forklift in 1:87, which is reminiscent of the lifting device generation of the post-war years. Sometimes it doesn't take long to think about it, because WIKING built the most beautiful models itself. Only WIKING succeeds in so much brand history and model-making continuity. Now the model appears in the same perfection in 1:87, after the designers have scaled down the model-making 1:25 prototype accordingly and incorporated the functions meticulously. The chassis with body appears extremely compact in the 87-fold miniaturization. The forklift also has a tilting lifting mast with a movable fork. In addition, a separate seat and a new steering wheel with attached console will be added.

Body and chassis as well as mast and forks pale green. Steering wheel, seat and tires black. Circumferential white decorative stripes and white Clark lettering on the back. White Clark letters on the side of the lift mast. Rims yellow.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:12 / 2021
Manufacturer price:11,99 €

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